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  • Coordinateur: BLANCHE-KOCH Hélène
  • Telephone: 01 53 72 50 42
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  • Adresse1: Fondation Jean Dausset-CEPH
  • Code Postal: 75010
  • Ville: PARIS


The CEPR Biobank, one of the frrst French biobank using a "professional" organization, is a high throughput Biological Resource Centre since 2007. Between 2012 and 2015 the biobank received more than 120000 biological samples for transformation and storage. The biobank was involved in the establishment of 9 new cohorts including the COBLAnCE collection funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR, Grand Emprunt).  During that period the CEPR biobank activities were the following: 1899 isolation of cellular fractions for further immortalization. 32735 plasma and serum aliquoting. 430 LCL (Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines) established or cultured (including search for mycoplasma) to prepare cell pellets for DNA and RNA extractions. 22641 DNA extracted from blood, cell culture, cheek swab, saliva, tissue, performed using automated procedures on an Autopure LS (Qiagen). 123648 DNA quantifications using PicoGreen. 41268 DNA quality controls: DNA integrity, PCR amplificability, genetic fmgerprint to check conformity. 2450 RNA extractions performed from blood, cell culture or tissue using semi-automated methods on a QiaCube (Qiagen). 5921 RNA quantifications measured on Nanodrop. 2603 RNA quality controls: evaluation ofRIN (RNA Integrity Number). 325 national and international shipments, 131728 tubes being shipped.  In 2016 the CEPR biobank stores 74 collections and about 300000 tubes at -80?C (DNA, RNA, plasma, serum) and 85000 vials at -196?C (PBL and LCL).  These collections include the: intemationally  well-known CEPR reference family panel, RGDP-CEPR  (Human Genome Diversity Panel), CEPR centenarian collection, GeRA (Genetics ofRealthy Aging) European collection on Aging, large French SIGNAL collection on breast cancer (INCa), BioiFCT0302, BioCAST, Amorce-CBP on lung cancer (INCa, IFCT, CHU de Caen) COBLAnCE collection on bladder cancer, BIOF-GENETS collection on consequences of a cancer treatment, BIOPAG on large prematurity (INSERM), 


  • Population genetics
  • Logevity genetics
  • Genetics for complex disorders: breast cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, AMD, Spondylarthropathies, Sharp drug reaction, Significant prematurity...
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Hôpital de la Salpétrière

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