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Ethique et Réglementation des biobanques de recherche


The Ethics and Regulations Team wrote a reference guide for professional that have obligations with human biological resources, and for any people interested in ethical matters in the biomedicine research field.

Available only in French.



Gauthier Chassang, Anne Cambon Thomsen, Emmanuelle Rial-Sebbag


Managing the quality of biological resources

Quality management in biobanks to support research excellence

Understand and implement the NFS 96-900 standard

Advice and best practices from BRCs on:

▶ Operational issues and quality management for biobanking-related activities
▶ Resources required for implementing quality in your activities
▶ Maintenance and improvement of your quality system

A BIOBANQUES publication

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Sandrine Vandenborght, Marine Thiebaud, Anne-Catherine Edelman. Forewordby Georges Dagher.

Manuel de sécurité et de sûreté biologiques

BIOBANQUES contributed to a guide of good practices and recommendations for laboratories that have obligations in terms of biosafety and biosecurity.

1st version only in French but out of stock - reprinting scheduled for late 2016.

2nd version in English planned for 2017.

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Annual Conference

Christian Chabannon, Peter Doran, Paul Hofman, Ole Seberg, Stephan Cinotti, Marianna Bledsoe, Hans-Peter Deigner, Jan Koschorreck, Georges Dagher, Ann Cooreman, Pasquale De  Blasio, Peter Riegman, Robert Hewitt

Biopreservation and Biobanking. October 2012: 407-415.


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Public biobanks: calculation and recovery of costs.

BIOBANQUES conducted a study on the harmonisation of the sample costs which was published in Science Translational Medicine in 2014. Besides being a requirement of the authorities, efforts in harmonising sample costs have been made to facilitate public-private partnerships and to increase biobanks' sustainability.

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