The infrastructure has a classical governance structure, including a Governance Council, an international scientific advisory board, a coordination committee and a stakeholder’s forum.


The members of the Governance are major Research Institutions, University Hospitals and patient associations.

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of international leaders from the scientific community. It ensures scientific excellence, as well as compliance with the needs of industry and society. The SAB includes 20 international experts from different fields and met in January 2013, 2014 and 2015 to evaluate the annual progress of the infrastructure.

Annual Stakeholders meetings were held since 2013, with 250 to 300 attendees at each of these events.

The Coordination committee is responsible for the efficient administration of the infrastructure, its management and finances. It includes 7 professors of medicine, 3 biomedical researchers, 2 lawyers and 1 technician with permanent positions (tenure), 6 of them working full-time for the infrastructure. 



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