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  • Adresse1: Service d'Anatomie Pathologique et Histologie-Cytologie
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  • Ville: Toulouse


Since its creation in 2002, the biobank of Toulouse Hospital (BkT), led to its missions, mostly in research projects. The BkT followed the guideline of good practical and recommendations of INCa. A declaration of collections and an authorization of infrastructures were obtained in 2008. We are currently developing a quality approach to obtain the NF S96-900 and 15189 accreditations.

The Dr I. Rouquette was the investigator of the IBISA project which aim is to label technical platforms. She is working with a project manager together with the Institut Claudius Regaud.

The BkT has organized the collection, the freezing and the storage of human biological samples from which were prepared nucleic acid derivatives by standard procedures and techniques.

The aims of the research projects were to identify new prognostic factors, therapeutic targets and diagnostic tools with new molecular biology techniques.

The scientific activity of BkT is focused on the research of the : 1p19q deletion in glioma, mutations of EGFR and k-Ras respectively in lung and colorectal adenocarcinoma, MGMT methylation in glioblastoma, sphingosine kinase in prostatic adenocarcinoma, galectin 1 distinguishing osteosarcoma from chondrosarcoma, a bad DNA replication signature in colorectal cancer, ...

These translational research activities helped in the implementation of the sanitary molecular biology. 


Cancerology: Lung Cancer; Lymphoma; Brain Cancer; Urological cancer; Breast cancer; Colorectal cancer; Melanoma; ENT cancer; Soft-tissue sarcoma; gynaecological cancer; cutaneous cancer; Bone tumour.

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