The biobank South of Paris was created in 2006 with the help of INSERM and the University Hospital center South of Paris certified by the DHOS (Hospital Direction of the offer of care) in 2004 and the DGOS (Executive Direction of the offer of care) and joined the national network of biobanks of INCA in2005.

The biobank South of Paris is on the Hospital Group of South of Paris on the APHP and the Medical University Paris 11. Historically, the biobank established by departments of Biological Hematology and Pathological Anatomy and of each sites: Pathological Anatomy Bicetre Hospital, Paul Brousse Hospital Antoine Beclere Hospital.The virology department of Paul Brousse hospital joined the biobank in 2012.

Each of these departments are members of the Pole of Biology Pathology Pharmacy and Public health (BPPSP) of the Hospital Group. In 2013, the LBM (Medical Biology Laboratory) of the Hospital group made a commitment on the COFRAC certification and the hospital group set up a restructuration project of differents departments ofwich the Hematology department.

This one withdrew from the perimeter of the biobank South of Paris during the implementation of this restructuration.

In 2014, the responsibility of the Biobank was confided to Pr Catherine Guettier and Dr Celine Verstuyft.This same year, the Acid Nucleic and Fluid site joined the biobank.

The mission of biobank is to collect, prepare, storage and the provision samples and data for the scientific community as research teams of the hospital group, partners teams and industry. Samples are tissus, plasma, sera, fluids, nucleic acids. These collections are established within theframework of protocols of research, arises from the care and requalified for research. The biobanks leans on a quality approach which allowed to obtain since 2011 the AFNOR certification according to the standard NF S96-900.

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