To request a biospecimen:

The applicant must complete the Biospecimen request form and returns it by mail to the national infrastructure BIOBANQUES. 

BIOBANQUES after checking and possibly request for clarification from the applicant, spreads the request to its national network at first and then Europe if necessary.


Biological resource centres (BRC) that can meet the demand inform BIOBANQUES.



►The applicant must complete the additional information and returns it to BIOBANQUES (biobanques.siege[@]gmail.com) transmitting the BRC that responded positively.


Both parties (applicant and BRC) agree on the terms of access and cooperation as well as the complementary characteristics of samples and associated data.

The applicant shall inform the infrastructure of the request’s progress.

The infrastructure BIOBANQUES can contribute to the definition of the MTA and the cost of access and answer questions ethical and regulatory as well as all issues related to the research project.



► Biospecimen request form 

► Additional information




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